Online Training Terms and Conditions


1.Payment and Cancellations

1.1 Where a trainee has paid the full fee or part of the fee and later decides that they do not want to proceed with the course, they will be entitled to a refund, minus 30% administration fee of monies paid up to 14 days before the course is due to commence. The payment will not be refundable, or transferable to another program or person, for cancellation after this 14-day period. 

1.2 Where a trainee has commenced the course and at some time throughout the duration of the course, has elected not to complete the course the full fee or instalments paid to date are non-refundable.

1.3 Payment for the course should be made in line with the agreed electronic payment system or instalment plan. For students paying by instalments, Stripe secure portal is the agreed payment method. 

1.4 If a due instalment payment is missed during the course, Himalaya Yoga Valley has the right to refuse a trainee to continue attending online classes. 

1.5 Trainees are not permitted to transfer their enrolment to another person.


2. Live virtual studio and classroom

2.1 Trainees agree to create a safe learning environment. They agree that there will be a minimum of 4 feet of free space around the yoga mat.  They agree to remove any nearby furniture or objects and be away from sharp corners.  They agree to practice on a level and not a slippery surface, always using a yoga mat. They agree to follow all safety instructions from Himalaya Yoga Valley teachers.

2.2 The participant who has signed up for the course is the only person entitled to view the recorded or live classes and access course material no sharing of login details are permitted. Anyone else accessing the course is liable for payment in full of the course fee.

2.3 Trainees are strictly prohibited from any recording or image capture of classes, either live or recorded, from Himalaya Yoga Valley Online, or any other Himalaya Yoga Valley Websites, unless explicit written permission has been granted. 

2.4 Students are not to take photos of the course screens or engage in any photography or filming of other trainees or teachers.

2.5 Trainees are forbidden from taking photos of the course screens or engaging in any photography or filming of other trainees or teachers.

2.6 Himalaya Yoga Valley has the right to change or cancel an online virtual class, including the description of the class, the teacher, the scheduled time and the content of the lecture as it sees fit. 

2.7 Himalaya Yoga Valley has the right to change the learning platform to another of their choice. 


3. Trainee’s health and well being

3.1 Trainees agree that they undertake any online training at their own risk. Himalaya Yoga Valley accepts no liability for physical injuries or psychological/mental ill-health occurring during the online training.

3.2 Trainees agree to follow the instruction of Himalaya Yoga Valley teachers for injury prevention, including modifications for asana and use of props.

3.3 Trainees with pre-existing and existing physical injuries and medical conditions will make theses known to Himalaya Yoga Valley before enrolment. During the training, they will monitor their own bodies and will follow the advice of Himalaya Yoga Valley for modifications and yoga props for the injury(s) or condition (s).

3.4 Trainees with pre-existing and current injuries and medical conditions have contacted their treating physician or allied professional (physiotherapist, counsellor etc.) for clearance to enrol and participate in the online training.

3.5 As this is not a prenatal specific training program with modifications made to sequences and asana, Trainees who are pregnant are not permitted to partake in the online training for health and safety reasons of the baby and Mother. Yoga during pregnancy is contraindicated for the first trimester. The highest risk for miscarriage occurs in the first trimester as this is the time of embryo implantation and attachment of the placenta to the uterus. Teacher Training is an intensive training with a minimum of 4 hours of yoga practice per day, well above the range of physical activity a yoga class one attends as a student. Yoga can be practised after the first trimester but it must be modified. We do not offer these modified postures on the TTC. Trainees who suspect they may be pregnant are strongly advised to seek medical advice before commencing a TTC as they are required to cease their training if they find out they are pregnant during the course. In this instance, the pregnant trainee can resume their training at a later date within 2 years of their enrolled date. If HimalayaYoga Valley discontinues the training program or ceases operations they are not liable to issue any refund in this instance.

Our priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our students. 

3.6 Trainees understand and fully accept that neither Himalaya Yoga Valley (Europe Ltd) or any of its staff, teaching staff, Managers, volunteers or Interns are in part, or in full, responsible for any aggravation or reoccurrence of a current condition(s) or newly sustained related injury(s) that they may incur while participating in any Himalaya Yoga Valley online yoga training programme.

3.7 - Minimum the age for the training is over the age of 18


4. Intellectual Property 

4.1 Unless otherwise stated, Himalaya Yoga Valley owns the intellectual property rights for all material used for all online training and courses

4.2 All intellectual property rights are reserved. 

4.3 You may view and/or print pages from for your own personal use subject to restrictions set in these terms and conditions.

4.4 You must not: Republish material from or

4.5 Sell, rent or sub-license material from or

4.6 Reproduce, duplicate or copy material from or

4.7 Redistribute content from Himalaya Yoga Valley  (unless content is specifically made for redistribution).


The following terms are applicable to the Online 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

5. Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Participation and assessment 

5.1 On acceptance to the Himalaya Yoga Valley 200hr Online Yoga Teacher Training - Module A and /or Module B, and on payment of the fees as per the payment schedule agreed, the trainee is expected to fully participate in the online classes.  

5.2 Completion of all course components is required.

5.3 If a trainee is unable to make a particular live class(s), for reasons beyond their control, the trainee is advised that they must take the equivalent recorded class before attending the following class in that particular subject. For the purpose of Himalaya Yoga Valley Standards, and the requirement of Yoga Alliance for hours attended, all classes must be logged for attendees.

5.4 If a trainee enrols for a place on the Himalaya Yoga Valley 200hr Online Course, Module A , B (or for the full course and A&B) , the trainee agrees to engage with the course content and complete all assignments to a satisfactory level. It is vital that students participate in all aspects of the course, to be successful in their training. If a trainee refuses to participate in certain yoga practices or course content – for whatever reason – the teachers will take this into account, collectively, when assessing the students for successful completion of the training and Certification. 

5.5 Throughout this course, teachers will advise students of areas where they may need more work, or further refinement to develop their practice. If students refuse to engage in the ongoing learning and development on the course, this may impact their overall success. 

5.6 Successful completion of  Module A and Module B is by assessment of live and online assignments. Evaluation feedback on assessments is by a mix of live and written feedback.

5.7 For assessment of successful completion of Module A and Module B, Teachers will take into account online class attendance, continuity of learning and full participation in all aspects of the course lectures, asana classes and course material.

5.8 All assignments and teaching practicums will be submitted and approved for meeting the required standard of Himalaya Yoga Valley to receive endorsement for Certification.

5.9 The duration of the training period for Module A and B is a finite term – it ceases 5 months from the start date (Day 1) of the enrolled Online Training. Unless in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Director, extensions past the finite date are not granted. 

Where an exceptional extension has been granted, there is a practicum assessment resit fee of €160.00 to complete the practicums feedback process. This fee is pre-paid before the assessment practicums are submitted. 

5.10 Himalaya Yoga Valley reserves the right to select yoga teachers from a pool of qualified teachers depending upon availability and location.

5.11 All work submitted for assessments must be original. Plagiarism will result in immediate expulsion from the course.


6. Access to course content

6.1 Trainees' who complete the Teacher Training and become a Graduate of Himalaya Yoga Valley have long-term access to the resources on their Dashboard for as long as the training course exists.   

6.2 Where a trainee is un-enrolled for whatever reason (e.g. withdrawal/self-cancellation, nonpayment of installments, breach of Terms & Conditions or Code of Conduct),  the trainee’s account is deactivated permanently resulting in no further access to resources on the trainee's Dashboard


7. Changes to our Policy

7.1 It may be necessary for us to review and revise these Terms and Conditions. Himalaya Yoga Valley reserves the right to review and change these terms and conditions at any time. If revised, changes will be posted on the website.  If you would like to be personally contacted in the event of a review and revision of Terms & Conditions please inform Himalaya Yoga Valley by email on [email protected].


8.  Legislation

8.1  Himalaya Yoga Valley ( Europe Ltd) Terms and Conditions are policed by the laws of that country (Ireland).