Meditation, Chanting and Pranayama I

Learn the foundations of traditional yoga meditation, mantra chanting and pranayama and how you can incorporate these transformative and healing practices into your daily life

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Learn traditional, and transformative yoga practices


This course will give you everything you need to start a regular meditation, chanting and pranayama practice that will transform your life. Learn traditional techniques and practices of our Himalayan lineage from the comfort of your own home.



Learn pranayama techniques. Including Nadi Shodhana, Sheetali and Sheetkari and Bhramari.

Practice level I and II mantra chanting. Learn to chant ancient Sanskrit mantras from our school's lineage.

5 beautiful guided meditations. Including chakra meditation, gratitude and mindfulness.


Start the journey to a new routine that will increase your health and happiness




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Course Curriculum

Sanskrit Mantras

The chanting of mantras is a central part of yoga tradition. It's been known by the Yogis for centuries to have powerful healing qualities for the body and the mind. During this online course, you'll learn to chant five Sanskrit mantras from our school's lineage.

Pranayama Techniques

By controlling the breath through pranayama we control our prana (energy) flow throughout the body. During this course, you'll learn to practice five powerful pranayama techniques as well as each of their unique benefits.

Guided Meditations

Practice five beautiful guided meditations with Maeve, the lead meditation instructor at our yoga centre in India. These meditations are accessible and are just as powerful for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. Some of the meditations you'll practice include mindfulness, chakra meditation and gratitude.

Proven benefits of a regular meditation practice

Regular meditation practice has been proven to have significant benefits on the body and the mind. As meditation has grown more popular in the west there has been an increase in scientific studies on its effects, the results of which have proven what the Yogis of India have known for thousands of years.

Reduced stress levels and effects of stress. Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people start meditation, and it's proven that regular meditation very quickly reduces stress levels.

Reduces, and helps to control, anxiety. Regular meditation has been proven in a number of studies to significantly reduce, and help with management of, anxiety.

Lengthens attention span and focus, and improves memory. Meditation has been proven to increase overall memory and focus, making you much more effective in your daily tasks.

Improves sleep and can help with insomnia. By reducing stress and learning to recognise the fluctuations of the mind, regular meditation can significantly improve your sleep patterns.

Who is this course for?

Beginners If you're looking to start a traditional meditation, chanting and pranayama practice to gain more clarity, calm and focus...this is the course for you.

Yoga practitioners If you already have a yoga practice and want to go deeper with traditional practices from India this the perfect course to start that journey.

Aspiring Yoga Teachers This course has been designed with 200hr Yoga Teacher Training elements and will prepare you well for the meditation, chanting and pranayama elements of your training.

How long will it take?

We estimate that the learning elements of this course will take between 2-3 hours to complete.

In addition to the learning element, we've designed an optional 6 day practice schedule that will help your new practice become habit.

You can come back to this course at any time. Just visit your profile to revisit any courses you've enrolled on.


Start the journey to a new routine that will increase your health and happiness


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Six day practise schedule

You can practice chanting, pranayama and meditations as much as you like and in your own time. Once you feel comfortable with them, we've carefully prepared a six day practice schedule for you to follow that will give you the perfect framework to incorporate this practice into your daily routine.


Mandeep Deol

Yoga Teacher


Mandeep was born in Punjab and grew up in the northern Indian town of Dharmsala, nestling on the foothills of The Himalayas. She joined Himalaya Yoga Valley as Yoga teacher in March 2018 and she specialises in teaching Pranayama, Chanting, Kriyas and Yoga Nidra. Mandeep has been passionate about yoga and meditation since discovering the practice to manage stress levels from her busy career as a cabin crew for a number of airlines. She's particularly interested in yoga for stress management and the practical application of yoga for overall reductions in stress and anxiety in people's lives.

Maeve O'Brien

Meditation Teacher


Maeve has been teaching meditation and mindfulness for over 11 years, and during her time as a Meditation Teacher on Himalaya Yoga Valley's Yoga Teacher Traning programme has taught thousands of students from all over the globe. Maeve is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher and is passionate about sharing the transformative powers of traditional yoga meditation and mindfulness with the world. Maeve has a natural gift for delivering the most beautiful and deepest guided meditations, and our
students never forget the sound of her voice each morning guiding them inwards.

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